Friday, October 25, 2013

A bit of good news!!!!

The United States Department of Education just released an expanded comparison of National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test scores in each state to international benchmarks.  As expected, Montana students scored very favorably in a comparison to other countries' scores in both math (6th in the world) and science (4th in the world).

International Comparison of Math Performance in Montana
International Comparison of Science Performance in Montana

Montana's performance was an impressive part of an overall trend that found that most eighth graders in the United States are competitive in math and science when compared to their peers from around the world.   

The full report can be viewed at the following link:  Results from the 2011 NAEP-TIMSS Linking Study

As we have stated previously, nearly as impressive as Montana students’ academic performance is the relative efficiency of Montana’s Public Schools when compared to spending in the rest of the Nation:

  1. Per pupil current expenditures in Montana’s Public Schools are ranked 29th in the nation, approximately $850 below the nationwide average. 
  2. Per capita expenditures in Montana’s Public Schools are ranked 41st in the nation , approximately $292 below the nationwide average. 
  3. School revenues Per $1,000 in Personal Income in Montana’s Public Schools are ranked 29th in the nation. 
  4. Montana public school administrator staffing is effective and efficient with 1100 students per Superintendent and 257 students per Administrator(Superintendents and Principals), as well as, supervision of nearly 26 licensed professional and paraprofessional staff per Administrator. 

The results of this study provide further affirmation that Montana's Public Schools provide top level performance for below average costs to Montana families and communities. Montana's public schools can be rightly proud of this latest evidence of their progress in providing a world class education to the children of Montana.


Lance Melton
Executive Director
Montana School Boards Association

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