SmarterBalanced Testing

July 6, 2015

An update on Montana's SBAC assessment results...

As you know, Montana just wrapped up its inaugural year of administering the Smarter Balanced assessment. Like many of you, the Office of Public Instruction is awaiting results from this first test year as a way to build a new baseline for measuring the proficiency of Montana’s K-12 students.
Some Smarter Balanced consortium states have already started releasing top-level state results.
Last week, Oregon’s education department began releasing data after a formal Freedom of Information Act request was made by the Oregonian newspaper.Washington and Idaho also released their top-level data.
The Montana Office of Public Instruction has not yet begun receiving test score data from our provider, Measured Progress. It is our hope that the OPI will have access to that data later this summer.
If you start getting requests from media or other organizations about the status of the SBAC results, please direct all inquiries to OPI Communications Director Emilie Ritter Saunders,  

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