Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RtI Benchmark

Last week, we tested your students in Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Math Computation, Math Application, and Writing.  With our program that we have used for the last seven years called AimsWeb (please check it out here:  We plug in the data and it will kick out reports to us determining where your kiddo may need help.  The assessments vary in length with the longest one being eight minutes.
For the past two days, we meet as teams and discuss what best fits all the kids in their learning styles.  For the kiddos below targets we offer them "double and triple dosing"  which means we get them extra help in various facets.  For the kiddos on target, our teachers continue to challenge them and for the students above benchmark our teachers will provide opportunities to stretch them as well.
If your student is placed in the RtI program, you will receive an email or letter from me stating what we are for them and ask permission to continue.
As a school, we continually look at data not only for individualized instruction but to make decisions about curriculum, teaching methods, interventions, and placements.  We have been doing RtI for the past seven years, we continually strive to get better.  Our rate of Special Education services has dropped dramatically due to this process and we feel that it is just how we do business.

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